What is Vapor Blasting ?

Vapour Blast is a non-aggressive method of reconditioning non ferrous metals - such as aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, mild and stainless steel. (It can also be used on plastics and carbon fibre products). It eliminates the dirt, contamination and corrosion products and not the surface material.  

Vapor Blasting works by expelling a slurry of find glass beads which are accelerated and atomised by pressurised gas and a stream of water. 


The water component prevents abrasive particles from slurry of very fine glass bead, being embedded. Also the water is used to propel the abrasive media to the surface of the component but at the moment of impact, the water acts as a flushing agent to remove surface debris. This thin film of water reduces the degree of surface deformation allowing a delicate cleaning action.

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