I've never heard of it, is this process new?

Vapour Blasting is not a new process. The process was developed  in the UK back in the 1940's.  It was originally used in the aircraft industry to treat items such as compressor impellers, turbine blades, and fuel pump springs. After processing parts, imperfections and cracks were highlighted, and fatigue life and surface finish was considerably improved.

What type of metal is best suited for vapour blasting?

No ferrous metals - such as aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, mild and stainless steel. Can also be used on plastics and carbon fibre.

What are some of  its applications ?

  • Decarbonising

  • Decontamination

  • Degreasing

  • Descaling 

  • Deflashing 

  • Derusting

  • Peening

  • Deburing

  • Surface Preparation for bonding, polishing, welding, or coating

Why is vapour blasting better than the more common types of media blasting?

Conventional blasting methods can embed abrasives into the metal and can create porosity on the surface, this condition attracts and holds dirt and grease, making it nearly impossible to clean once soiled. 

Aggressive, dry blasting may damage or erode the base metal.

Being a liquid process, the vapour blast flows into areas inaccessible by other methods.  

Threaded holes remain free of thread damaging abrasive particles, masking or plugging holes is not required.

No heat is generated that may distort or damage parts

vapour blasting is non abrasive and does not alter the dimensions of parts.

The diagram below shows the differences between grit, bead and vapour blasting.




















How long does it take? 
Most parts will be processed and return shipped in  3 to 4 days.

We will notify you as soon as the parts are received, processed and shipped. 

The law of diminishing returns

Every effort will be made to get your part as clean as possible. In some cases due to heavy carbon build ups it may not be possible to clean or to completely clean cylinder head ports without expending a large amount of time and money. If you require it a perfect port finish - please advise on contacting us. 

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